Manufacture de selles bavaroise pour les plus hautes exigences

History: How it all came

The idea of ​​developing a saddle, was built in 1999 on our own farm. For over 17 years we have been breeding in the private stud farm in the private stud Möningerberg horses of pure spanish race.

The first saddles on our horses were originally spanish saddles. Wonderful saddles with many advantages: They have a wide circulation through, they are sitting there, they look precious.

Horses are evolving ... and then?
Unfortunately, most Spanish saddles also have disadvantages: the bolster was difficult, especially but also the continuous adjustment to correct the horse's back. Because a horse is changing in the course of his life and as part of his training. The problem: One point is the many spanish saddles in the tree size is not adjusted, on the other, plainly and simply, yet always the special know-how for these jewels in Germany.

For the classical dressage is a perfectly fitting saddle is the a and o
Our stallions and mares are especially riding horses - and their saddles should not only be "reasonably fit anyway", but really good solutions, as the whole horse life. Because we have the right, with the finest tools to ride - in harmony with our horses.

Semi-good horse to ride better, more beautiful
So we sat down with saddlers and coaches and developed the first "Latin". A saddle that combines the advantages of the Spanish saddles with many other benefits. At these saddles we always take them further. Just one example: With the first test rides, we noticed that a double sheet of the rider rather disturbing. So we have the Ibero saddles with through saddle flaps fitted. The Amazona solution is another step. The Comfort Edition. The Comfort Compact Edition. Since we do every day in the saddle, we are the harshest critics of our products - as well as our wonderful horses.

By closely "looking" and "listening" we want to implement in the future many more good ideas. For the benefit of horse and rider. For the fifth Iberosattel® makes the most innovative saddle manufacturer.