Manufacture de selles bavaroise pour les plus hautes exigences

Services: counseling, mentoring, on-site saddle dates and more

What is good service? The answer is simple: We are here for you when it comes to our high-quality equestrian accessories. And that means we are thinking of you and to advance. We have the answers to your questions. And think about how we can improve it for you and your horse the harmony in the saddle and on the ground.

Our services include for example:

  •      Full custom consulting
  •      Test ride our saddles
  •      Rider and horse-analysis and individual counseling
  •      Taking measurements of the horse's back for a perfect fit
  •      Now new! Measurements with EQUIscan for precise horseback measurement - Including all data and photo  documentation (only in Bavaria)
  •      Design Options for the production
  •      Custom to your needs
  •      You can design your dream saddle yourself with our saddle configurator

We are your partner - even after buying a saddle

From personal experience we know that the right saddle can find that is a challenge that is not completed with the purchase.

If you have opted for a semi-Latin, we are your partner whenever you need us.

  •      Follow-up after the purchase
  •      Make and upholstery on site
  •      Rider-horse analysis

If your horse will change so, please contact us!
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Of course you can also call us directly at:
Hotline: +49 (0) 91 79 / 96 41 17