Manufacture de selles bavaroise pour les plus hautes exigences

Iberosattel®: Who we are

Iberosattel® is a family business with great passion. Each of us has different strengths, sees things from his point of view and in light of his experience. Each product is considered by from very different angles.

What kind of experience? Can afford and what contribution this good equipment - as a coach who knows the potential to wake up with patience and tact in riders and horses. As an experienced breeder with heart and soul that thinks always first to the horse. As a precise working developer who just austüftelt everything - and every weekend for hours in the saddle nature roams. As a rider who is working diligently to find a lesson until it looks as if a man and animal. As an entrepreneur who has both feet firmly on the ground. As a professional woman who knows thousands of Elan saturated samples, what the customers want to. And, and, and.

The fact that we have achieved in recent years a place in the front ranks of well-known saddle maker, makes us proud. For this, we know that we are on the right way.