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El Primero - Premium line saddle


El Primero: this saddle has a semi-flat, soft seat and is the ideal companion for endurance rides and cross country. It is also very suitable in the dressage ring. This saddle indeed has still other qualities. It is also suitable for short and compact horses. This makes it especially interesting for gaited horse breeds, small horses and ponies.

Technical data

Saddle type: terrain / dressage saddle
Saddle tree: adjustable chamber width, spinal column freedom, new EWF system possible
Seat shape: semi-flat seat
Roll shape: narrow leg position
Girthing: moveable 3-point-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 6,5 kg
Seat sizes: 16,5 – 19
Colors: black, moro, two-tone


Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
3.990,00 €