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Vaquero Breitschaft - Premium Line saddle


Iberosattel® provides with the Vaquero Breitschaft an ideal saddle for long rides and trekking.

It is also very well suited for dressage. The comfort padding - only available at Iberosattel® - spreads the rider‘s weight on the horse‘s back and is developed that finest support is still possible. In developing the Vaquero Breitschaft many experiences of the famous trainer Bruno Breitschaft made it as pleasant as possible for the horse and rider.

The Vaquero Breitschaft is a real alternative for Western riders >> Ibero Breitschaft in the Western style.

Technical data

Saddle typ: terrain saddle / working saddle
Saddle tree: tree size set to 39
Seat shape: deep, soft seat, Amazona solution
Roll shape: narrow leg position
Girthing: moveable V-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 8 kg
Seat sizes: 16,5 – 19
Colours: black, moro, special colours on request


  • especially for baroque horses very well suited
  • no wedge pads
  • developed in collaboration with Bruno Breitschaft
  • including Amazona solution

Including adjustment on site and SECUSAD-System.

Award "Mein Pferd"
In issue 07/2013 drew the magazine "Mein Pferd" the Vaquero Breitschaft with the "Mein Pferd seal of approval" from.

Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
3.990,00 €