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My way with Iberosattel® - examples from practice

Every human is unique. Every horse is very special. Through its origin, its "history", its development. If these two creatures meet, something new, often surprising comes into being.

The relationship with your horse develops over the years. The more time you spend with each other, the more you work together, the deeper the relationship becomes. That is why the saddle that connects you is so important. And unique in its own way. By sitting your saddle, you can also shape it, together with your horse.

Do you already have an Iberosattel® and do you want to recommend it and our work? Then become part of the Ibero story. If you want to contribute something, write to: (reference). We will then discuss everything else.
"Horse and man are very satisfied, the saddle is absolutely recommendable ..." More
"I am happy to have made this decision. I would like to thank you again for the friendly and competent advice ..." More
"Thank you Ralph Bleau and Iberosattel® I am very happy to have won the saddle! ..." More
"For a few weeks I have been riding my 5 year old Arab Damis about once a week and he is really nice with the saddle ..." More
"Today was the first date for re-adjustment: it fits perfectly, you do not have to adjust anything. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable and has already proven its worth on a hiking trip last year ..." More
"Service, quality and the concept of the wide support surfaces convinced me absolutely. My Friesian runs with this saddle much freer and relaxed ..." More
"It is especially important, however, that it is also incredibly well adaptable and is growing with the horse. Therefore, it was clear that my young horse should already get a separate Iberosattel® ..." More
"Have me already in the design and also the great edition for horses "attached" and thus it was clear, it must be an Iberosattel® ..." More
"After less than an hour we were agreed, the saddle adapted, bought and paid. Since then he has accompanied us. Recently, there was one ..." More
"In the middle of January 2015 I held the good saddle in my hands and the next day I could finally ride again. And Gui was more relaxed than ever before. For the first time I could feel how ..." More
"The Ibero Amazona Comfort I saw the first time in natura three years ago and knew immediately: ..." More
"Unbelievably, as in just four weeks, the muscles on the back was rebuilt. The support surface and wide spinal canal are the same ..." More
"Since then, our Amazona Dressage Comfort has been a companion for all walks of life - at long walks in the countryside and at courses …" More
"The saddle is definitely an all-round talent used by us for jumping and for the terrain. And there is still a big plus ..." More
"I am very proud of our self-designed Vaquero Breitschaft with all the special equipment, which I myself ..." More
"The saddle is very comfortable for the horse and rider, and the horses are also very nice on horseback ..." More
"The saddle is 3 - 4 times a week in use and still holds up to today what it promises. I can use the saddles of Iberosattel..." More
"And what should I say? My tinker and I are very satisfied and I know that ..." More
"The best saddle we have ever had and of course no problem for all dressage assignments. On the contrary ..." More
"My preference for the special has led to this in 2012 ..." More
"Horse riding and rider training is our passion. We work according to the principles of Ecole de Légèrete ..." More
"My mare I trained more than 15 years ago - at the age of 4 - with a western saddle. After a while I felt the need ..." More
"I am riding a lot in the country and I like to go hiking with luggage; On such a tour my horse carries his saddle several hours a day. It is very important to me ..." More
"After the first spanish horse came to us in 2001, he should also get a "stile" saddle. Since a P.R.E. usually quite short ..." More
"I have ridden this year our first distance over 40 km with your saddle and have top marks for ..." More
"I've had a lot of saddles before I hit these saddles, because there was no saddle for my horse ..." More
"In 2012, my spanish sporthorse mare came to me and so the topic of saddle was again up to date ..." More
"Once upon a time ... this is the classic beginning of fairy tales. In our case at the same time the end of our saddle problem ..." More