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Sabine Pedde: The long way to the right saddle for an andalusian

Iberosattel® on spanish horse
"After the first Spaniard came to us in 2001, he should also get a "stile" saddle. Since a P.R.E. usually quite short and has a steep shoulder, the saddle purchase proved to be very difficult.

After countless purchases we discovered Iberosattel®. Here we found the fitting P.R.E. saddle, which offers comfort for horse and rider. A lot of shoulder-free riding, the horse adapted large support surface, super comfortable for the rider and the look in the "Spanish flair".

The choice of the different types of leather and colors as well as the many different decorations offered no limits to the imagination.
The two following P.R.E.`s were of course also equipped with a Iberosattel. Whether for the classic dressage, long rides or for my favorite discipline the "Garrochareiten" with my favorite, the Ibero Amazona Comfort, we are always properly equipped. Also on our show demonstrations this saddle is always a view."

Sabine Pedde
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