Bavarian saddle manufacture for the highest demands

Lightness in the saddle - training with the Iberosattel®

Gunnar Wiedner: "We have been training our horses with Iberos saddles for many years. And for a good reason: these saddles meet our requirements for a demanding dressage work with the most diverse horses and breeds. With the Amazona Dressage Comfort and the Dressage Andaluz we have again found the ideal saddles for our work.

We place great importance on having our saddles checked regularly - as horses are constantly changing due to more or less training. The team at Iberosattel® ensures an optimal fit for riders and horses through their work and support.

The team at Iberosattel® always takes the long way to meet our wishes, we would like to emphasize this. Thank you!

"Riding and training horses and riders is our passion ". We work according to the principles of the Ecole de Légèrete. Because we are convinced: the dressage is there for the horse; It should help to strengthen the horse, keep it healthy and improve its course. Tensions and stiffness of the horse must be resolved. Only a horse that works with a relaxed musculature spares its joints. In the course of the training, the horse learns to react to ever lighter aids and to find the optimal balance in the various lessons under the rider."
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