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Còrdoba Comfort - Premium line saddle


The Córdoba is a dressage saddle with bottom pommel that offers stability and allows even the odd jump. The very deep seat is for dressage work and especially for starting young horses beneficial. A double sheet helps the equestrian easier to adjust his stirrup.

The Córdoba Comfort Premium Line also offers the comfort pad for optimal distribution of the equestrian's weight and passing even the finest aids directly to the horse.

Like all Iberosattel® also Córdoba has the covert Amazona solution.

Technical data

Saddle type: dressage saddle
Saddle tree: individually adjustable
Seat shape: deeper, softer seat, Amazona solution
Rolls form: underlying rolls
Girthing: moveable V-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 6 kg
Seat sizes: 16,5 - 19
Colours: black, moro mokka, special colors possible


  • covert Amazona solution
  • full doubling on the leg position
  • seam pattern
  • including stirrup suspension
  • FN approval
  • including on-site adjustment

Compact version possible!

Seal of approval "Mein Pferd"
The Còrdoba Comfort received the seal of approval in the "Mein Pferd", issue 04/2019.

Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
4.090,00 €