Bavarian saddle manufacture for the highest demands

Baroque - The fascination of freedom

This saddle line is not suitable only for typical baroque breeds with more voluptuous proportions as PRE, Friesian, Lusitano, Quarter horse and Knabstrupper. Also, completely different types of horses can benefit from our developments. For example:

  •      Arab
  •      Tinker
  •      Gaited horse breeds such as Icelanders, Paso and Traber
  •      Small horses like Haflinger and Norwegian
  •      Ponies

How to achieve such a wide range Ibero saddle? Our saddle experts at this type of saddle, the focus on a broad bearing surface down. The saddles can also be designed without sacrificing comfort relatively short due to their structure, so they are ideal for horses with short backs.

Through a special section of the flaps, we have managed also to indemnify the shoulder of the upholstery and the rider's weight (based on the knee action!). The freedom in the shoulder and kidney area is especially important for horses in the square type.

The experience of Latin saddle shows: Each horse can move with such a semi-relaxed and relaxed!

Our Baroque saddles for demanding recreational horseback riding: