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Amazona solution: Saddle Especially Made for Women

Amazona solution

The term Amazona a new or further development lies in the saddle trees. As the saddler long been a male domain was, in the development of modern saddle tree with anatomical nadir usually not thought of the opposite sex, here we come: where it has previously tweaked often, was the saddle tree is milled with a new cut the seat leather is a soft indentation created - it now also allows for many riders to take a more relaxed posture in the saddle. Since 2008, there is also the covert version, covered with foam and sealed, just as convenient but invisible.

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Amazona solution 2.0 - Comfort further thought through

Especially on longer rides, the buttock pain report in most saddles. Thus, customers are mainly affected women. The "update" the Amazonalösung was therefore a logical step for us. The saddle tree was therefore additionally milled in the buttock and gently padded. The version 2.0 is available for all Amazona Iberosattel. Experience shows that not only riders, and riders know the comfort of Amazona solution appreciate.