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Traveling with Iberosattel®: an experience report

"I am happy to tell you about my saddle. Since July 2012 I am proud owner of a moccafar El Primero.

I travel a lot in the country and I like to go trail riding with luggage; On such a tour my horse carries his saddle several hours a day. Because it is very important to me that the saddle fits perfectly. Ibero has also succeeded. I have already ridden several trips with my El Primero and everything has worked very well, also for me it is very comfortable to sit.

I also like to train on the riding arena with my El Primero.

Problems: Three months after I bought the saddle, the fit had to be reworked as the muscles of the horse had changed. Ibero has delivered my saddle to my door, after work, and I was very happy about it.
Saddle for trail riding

In the quality and workmanship of the leather, I can only report good. Even the belt straps look very good after almost two years, the saddle is about 4-5 per week in use.

The service of Ibero I can recommend to everyone. I know what I'm talking about, because I've had ample unpleasant experience with other saddle makers.

At Ibero you get as a customer really all service offered, friendliness, reliability and always an open ear with problems and wishes."

Uschi A.
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