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Ibero Escuela - Premium Line saddle


The new baroque saddle "Ibero Escuela":  a saddle that has arisen in many years of development - developed step by step, refined and perfected. Worldwide novelty in the baroque saddles is formed from the seat rear gallery that provides maximum comfort.

The Ibero Escuela is modeled on spanish school saddles that allow a high degree of perfection and refinement - in the tradition of the old masters.

Technical data

Saddle type: work saddle / school saddle
Saddle tree: chamber width adjustable up to at least 39
Seat shape: semi-flat soft seat, Amazona solution
Roll shape: narrow leg position
Girthing: moveable V-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 8 kg
Seat sizes 17 - 19
Colours: black, brown, special colours possible


  • Comfort Edition
  • semi-deep, soft seat
  • fully doublierte leg position
  • including Amazona solution
  • standard with front gallery

Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
4.490,00 €