Bavarian saddle manufacture for the highest demands

Production: We do our best

The premium line of Iberosattel® is made in Germany. Of saddlers who know their craft. From first-class leather. The result: a saddle that will provide many years of your rider / interior life.

Our halters, saddle pads and sheepskin products are manufactured in Germany.

Only at the reins, we make an exception: They are from Spain, so from the original home of our horses. Here we have found experienced craftsmen who still know really what material and what form an expressive horsehead best brings out.

What does this mean for you? You can be sure that our products do not look nice, but by quality, durability and comfort functions.

All Ibero-saddle trees can be adjusted in the tree size and changed at any time. Here, the saddle can not be disassembled. Say: He is very straightforward to grow with your horse.

Why is this so important? Is because of so many small "towel" in the course of time an imposing equestrian showpiece with considerable proportions! We see this on the Möningerberg again.