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Dressage Andaluz - Premium line saddle


The Dressage Andaluz doesn‘t only have an elegant and unusual look, it also stands for its shape and is characterized by its deep dressage seat - ideal for riders who want to sit closer to their horse.

The knee rolls below the continuous saddle flap keep the rider grounded and provide an accurate position of the legs.

The laminated leather has been chosen for additional hold. The Dressage Andaluz ensures direct influence.

Technical data

Saddle type: dressage saddle
Saddle tree: synthetic tree, chamber width adjustable 
Seat shape: deep, soft seat with Amazona solution
Roll shape: 4 different knee rolls with velcro additional
Girthing: moveable V-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 6 kg
Seat sizes: 16,5 – 19
Colours: black, moro, special colours on request
Leather:  smooth leather / leather


  • elegant ornamental stitching
  • comfort padding below the saddle flap
  • SECUSAD system

Includes on-site customization and Amazon solution.

Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
3.990,00 €