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Amazona Dressage Comfort 2000 - Premium line saddle


The Amazona Dressage Comfort 2000, unique and very popular. The first dressage saddle with an extra wide comfort padding. The established extra wide padding of the Vaquero Breitschaft has been combined with an exclusive dressage saddle. It covers the entire horse‘s back and optimally spreads thr rider‘s weight without a wedge-shaped bolster!

The Amazona Dressage Comfort 2000 features just like the Dressage Premium a continuous and cut back saddle flap.

Technical data

Saddle type: dressage saddle
Saddle tree: individually adjustable
Seat shape: deep, soft seat, Amazona solution - if required
Roll shape: banana pommel as knee pads
Girthing: moveable V-girth with front girth strings, long strings
Weight: 7 kg
Seat sizes: 16,5 – 19
Colours: black, moro, special colours on request


  • extra wide comfort padding, no wedge-shaped bolster
  • continuous saddle flap
  • especially for wide horses and sensitive backs
  • incl. Amazona solution, SECUSAD system

Additional options:
  • stitching on the back, roll and saddle flap
  • Amazona solut 2.0 

Award "Mein Pferd"
In issue 06/2008, the magazine "Mein Pferd" awarded the Dressage Comfort with the "Mein Pferd Gütesiegel". The surface area was particularly praised.

Award "Araber Weltweit"
The Amazona Dressage Comfort 2000 also received an award from the "Araber Weltweit" edition 07/2010.

Ridden in dressage / FN

Non-binding price recommendation

Non-binding price recommendation for Germany:
3.890,00 €