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Julia N. on her young horse: "Both horses run very well with the saddles ..."

"I became aware of Iberosattel® in 2011, because I found the comfort edition convincing. Already at the first preparation I have found that the saddle is not only for the horse but also for me incredibly comfortable. I chose the Amazona Dressage Comfort and was overwhelmed by the possibilities I had with the design: leather, seams, piping, rivets, poles - all freely selectable. The result is a beautiful saddle, which only exists for me.
Dressage saddles - Amazona Dressage Comfort
In the course of time, I got to know the other advantages of my saddle: it is very comfortable and is suitable not only for the dressage work, but also longer rides are neither a problem for my horse nor for me as a rider.
It is especially important, however, that it is also incredibly well adaptable and is growing with the horse. Therefore, it was clear that my offspring horse was already to get their own Iberosattel® and in 2014 the second Amazona Comfort arrived.
Many people found it exaggerated that I had already bought a "so expensive saddle" to go in, but it was absolutely the right decision: Neither growth nor muscle build-up led to the fact that I needed a new saddle because my saddle was adjusted again and again - the chamber was expanded several times, the cushions were upholstered and upholstered and even the saddle tree was straightened. Both horses run very well with the saddles and I sit comfortably - what more do I want?"

Julia N. with the Amazona Dressage Comfort on her young horse
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