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Alexa S. on Tinker mare: "My tinker and I are very satisfied ..."

"Since my mare is now 22 years old and her back and shoulder part has changed so much that no western saddle can be made more suitable, I decided to find an alternative.
Amazona Dressage saddle on Tinker mare
It had to be a saddle, which can often be changed / adjusted. He needs a big short pad and needs to fit my fat ass and be comfortable.

I've stayed with the Sommer saddles. My saddle dealer recommended me the company Iberosattel®. And what should I say? I am a western rider in my Amazona Dressage Comfort in the size 18.5 pudelwohl and have even more space. Never thought I could sit in a dressage saddle after so many years. The saddle has already taken a few orientation steps.

My tinker and I are very satisfied and I know that my young mare also gets an Iberosattel® when it comes to riding up."

Alexa S. with Amazona Dressage Comfort on her Tinker mare
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