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Julia K. on PRE Aceituno: "The saddle is super comfortable for horse and rider ..."

"May I introduce my PRE Aceituno with the Iberosattel® Dressage Andaluz Comfort, with an absolute "bling bling" lover of course with strass ornamentation.
Julia K. on her PRE with Iberosattel
Aceituno is 9 years old and has unfortunately Kissing Spines, for all who do not know what that is, his thorns unfortunately lie very close together and two are also touching. Thus, it is very important that Aceituno has a very good back musculature in order to be able to live without pain.

And then the Iberosattel® comfort came into play. I had an Iberosattel® Dressage Andaluz Comfort for my Criollo, which is very sensitive in the back, after a long saddle dysyoe and as he is so satisfied with it, the saddle decision was already settled. It also had to be a Dressage Andaluz Comfort.

The saddle is very comfortable for the horse and rider, and the horses are also very nice on horseback. I make my two horses classic and the Iberostattel help me and my two the long way of training happy and satisfied to go."

Julia K. with Dressage Andaluz Comfort on her PRE Aceituno
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