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Laura S. on Aria: "... could become a great riding horse"

Saddle on spanish sport horse
"In 2012, my spanish sport horse mare came to me and so the vexing theme of saddle was again up to date. As it turned out, not so easy to get something fitting to her back, which is also still fitting to me. Quick was clear, short he must be and on an overbuilt horseback he must fit.

In any case, a dressage saddle and preferably with a large, comfortable footrest. For me, the most comfortable is short and small bars with a comfortable seating area. During the internet search, I became very fast on Iberosattel. The years of experience with spanish horses, the design and the elaborate design of the saddles convinced me, and in 2013 I was able to advise myself personally on the Equitana and my absolute favorites.

The Dressage Andaluz not only appealed to me visually, also the equipment convinced me. The decision had been made, it should be an Ibero. In the summer, I was then the proud owner of an Iberosattel® Dressage Andaluz, who also convinced me against all other models.

Due to the wide selection of different saddles, I was able to adjust everything according to my personal feeling as best suited for me and my horse. In addition to a half-flat seat, there were short piles and an extra-soft seat for me. Only 3 months after delivery, the saddle had to be adapted again, since my mare had trembled enormously. Five months later another appointment was due, also this time more muscles were the reason.

The saddle has been accompanying us for 2.5 years now and is used in many different ways. About dressage and jumping gymnastics to brisk hikes and extensive hiking rides. My horse and I appreciate the comfort and the fit very much. Aria was able to develop from an unbemmed horse which was not liked to ride a great riding horse that is for everyone to have fun. Finally, no more pain for the cross and for the two of us. The only thing until today worms me is the fact that I decided then against a colored seam."

Laura S. on spanish sport horse Aria
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