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Sabine S. on Welsh Cob Gelding: "Horse and man are very satisfied, the saddle is absolutely recommendable..."

"Dear Iberosattel® team,

Since last August I have an Amazona Dressage 3000 and am more than satisfied. The consultation appointment with Stefan Wolfrum was great, even though I was a little bit startled that the individual saddle models were given to me "virtually anonymously" for testing. However, this has proven itself - I would have previously tended to a baroque saddle rather than a dressage saddle, but so (together with my Welsh Cob gelding) could unbiased choose the model that promised us the best, without before know if it is now a baroque or dressage saddle.

My Welshi appreciates the Comfort compact edition of the Amazona Dressage 3000 a lot and runs super satisfied under the new saddle. During the first two or three rides after switching from the old to the new saddle, I had an unusual "downhill" feeling (and with a horse with a strong upward movement!). But that happened very quickly.

The Amazona Dressage 3000 is used by me both in the field work as well as in the field, and is super comfortable even on long rides. All in all, I can say after a half a year Iberosattel®: horse and man are very satisfied, the saddle is highly recommended.

Best regards,
Sabine S."

Sabine S. with Amazona Dressage 3000 on Welsh Cob Gelding
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