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Susanne M. on Lusitano Mailo: "... until I came across these saddles"

Iberosattel® - Saddle on Lusitano
"I've had a lot of saddles before I hit these saddles, because no saddle could be made fit for my horse, a Lusitano.
He has the nice habit, no step in front of the other to do ... With the Ibero Amazona Dressage Comfort, the same was different.
I have the saddle now probably 4 years and he can continue to be made well, which is great. Otherwise you had to think of a new acquisition. Not so with these saddles, which makes my wallet very pleased.
By the way, there is nothing more beautiful for many horses than the comfort pillows, my dear this pressure-spreading surface. I highly recommend these saddles for riding schoolchildren.
Greetings from Mailo (, who accepts this saddle as the only one.
40 cm length, large shoulder, swing in the back and built-over, there was no other chance ... Saddle adjustments are easy, the flexible tree is very well adjustable."

Susanne M. on Lusitano Mailo
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