Bavarian saddle manufacture for the highest demands

Maren M.: "... I am very happy to have won the saddle!"

Saddle raffle at the 2nd Working Equitation Tournament at the Chiemsee near El Roccio
"With my new Alpha Vaquero saddle from Ibero I am completely satisfied. It is very comfortable, you have a good and deep seat, and you feel good framed by the poles which gives safety in the saddle.
We are after a longer injury-related break in the muscle build-up phase and for this I find the wide support surface of the saddle cushion really great. Also the saddle is quite short and not too big, which makes it very suitable for short and even smaller horses.

Surprisingly, the saddle was made for my pony. Ralph Bleau (Premium partner of Iberosattel) matched him on the next day at the tournament on my horse and it was only the chamber a little further, otherwise it fit almost as poured!

Thank you Ralph Bleau and Iberosattel® I am very happy to have won the saddle!"
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