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Carina N. and Friesian Goya: "Service and quality have absolutely convinced me ..."

"For a long time I dreamed of an Iberosattel® - last summer it was finally so far. Miriam Thoma came to a conference, an appointment that absolutely inspired me.
First of all, my 5-year-old Friesian and then I was also thoroughly examined, the saddle is to fit perfectly two finally. In addition, Miriam asked my wishes and requirements to the saddle, a model from the baroque line it should be suitable for dressage work but also comfortable for long rides.
Then it went to the preparation. I was able to test 6 models extensively, whereby some realized quite quickly that they were out of the question, with two models the decision took longer. Miriam gave me all the time in the world, saddled several times, and asked me about my feelings again and again before she explained to me your assessment. So I could finally make an unbiased, 100% safe decision - the Ibero Amazona Comfort (with semi-flat seat) it should be!
After the decision for this model had fallen, the design went. On the basis of numerous leather, piping and seam patterns, as well as templates of punches and rivets, I was able to make my own choice and chose black leather, front and back and second saddle sheet in croco-optics. For my taste especially, but not exaggerated :)
Then the time of waiting began. Due to circumstances not due to Iberosattel, I got my saddle unfortunately only at the beginning of this year. Here was Iberosattel® but very hard and behaved absolutely customer-oriented. As a "comfort" I got the choice between a free rental saddle to bridging or a free delivery date.
I chose the latter and got my saddle from Stefan Wolfrum. Like Miriam, he also took a lot of time and checked the correct fit - the saddle was perfect!
Meanwhile, I have my Iberosattel® for 7 months. Recently, Miriam was there for the first free customization date. Also for this date, you took a lot of time, reviewed my Friesian again extensively and asked me for observed changes. Then the chamber has expanded, the pillows have been upholstered, I then looked at a long time while riding and always improved again until I was completely satisfied.
My conclusion:
Service, quality and the concept of the wide support surfaces convinced me absolutely. With this saddle my Friesian is much more relaxed and relaxed. I myself have the feeling closer to the horse to sit, the small pips give me enough leg freedom, through the galleries I feel framed nevertheless."

Carina N. with the Ibero Amazona Comfort on her Friesian Goya.
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